Free and Open Source End-to-End encrypted, Self-hosted, Programmable Containers for everything you want to secure.

“Privacy should not be an afterthought. What is meant for your eyes and your eyes only, we make sure it stays that way.”


Genuine End-to-end Encryption

Nkrypt.xyz is secure by default. You create containers (we call them Buckets) with dedicated encryption passwords. All your data is encrypted on your device (web or mobile). The server (self-hosted or otherwise) never receives your encryption keys.

Shareable containers with granular permissions

You can share individual containers with users of your network. Manage permissions at a granular level to ensure control.

True FOSS, High Auditability

We genuinely believe in libre software. All the source code is published under GNU General Public License v3.0. But we don’t stop there. We shall provide a complete independent auditing guide to allow a developer / team of developers to audit the code in under a week.

Self-hostable Community Releases

We want you to use nkrypt.xyz. And we want you to have any degree of control you want. Nkrypt.xyz is designed from the ground-up to be self-hostable, either in a local server or a cloud provider. We even provide docker images and documentation to get you started.

Programmable and Extensible

Nkrypt.xyz is not a file container. It’s a data container. It is designed to be programmable by third-party developers. We provide thorough API documentation to make integrations a breeze. Every entity/file can have both public and encrypted metadata for storing application data. We also provide file/directory level locking for multi-tenant access.


Use Cases

For Individuals & Domestic Use

All the front door footage or nanny-cam records that you want no one’s hands on, we got your back with our CONTAINERS. It also allows you to choose with whom you will share specific data without sharing it all!

Also, as an additional benefit, now you can rest assured, your grandma’s secret recipe is stored safe and secure!

For Freelancers & Professionals

Store research materials of your previous or on-going projects with nkrypt.xyz’s end-to-end security.

Nkrypt.xyz makes sure that none of your gigs get lost with time.

For Small Teams

Safe-keep all the sensitive information of your DREAM-PROJECT and avoid prying eyes. The CONTAINER feature allows users to set individual passwords for each team member, if they want, without giving anything away!

For Students

Store valuable lecture notes that you can read anytime on the go. Never miss an assignment deadline, cause you can get it from the nkrypt.xyz CLOUD wherever you want. Also, if you want a certain note gone, just set the TIMER!

For Everyone

Get CUSTOMIZED high-end security for both personal and professional bits and pieces, and fear nevermore!

Beta Testers


Links & Resources

Get Involved

Become a beta tester.

We are looking for the brave of heart to become our front-line in the fight against bugs. No programming experience is needed.

Contributing code

We can outline a few options -

  1. Become involved directly. Reach out to the author personally or over email.
  2. Fork our repos and start development on your own. When you hit your Eureka moment, send us a pull request.
  3. Integrate nkrypt.xyz in your own application as a secure data storage. Again, reach out to the author.

Contact Information

Email: nkrypt.xyz@protonmail.com 

Author: Sayem Shafayet

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